For the last decade, photography has grown and changed for better and worse. Today, its a medium that has found itself caught in the creative cross-hairs of an instagram touting youth. Seems like people are more worried about sharing photos of their eggs Benedict and mimosa’s, then they are about creating something artistic.

Yet, in this sea of endless ‘photographers‘, there still stands out the few who continue to create for the sheer will of making something. Isn’t that what its about anyhow… Making art for arts sake?!

With that being said, we caught up with San Francisco-based photographer Misha Vladimirskiy and checked out some of his new work, which included a few collaborations with Bay Area graffiti legend Apex. This amazing series of light paintings, Entitled: “Out of Light”, shows Misha using a combination of traditional elements — colored strobes, flash lights, and other light sources, to create a world of imaginary illusion that is fun, playful, and dreamy. When asked about the series, he simply had this to say: “I really like playing with light”.

Be sure to check out more of Misha’s work after the jump:



Instagram: @polaroidmisha