These Interior illustrations by John Coulthart in Lovecraft’s Monsters, (edited by Ellen Datlow, Tachyon Publications, 2014) are dark, intricate, and absolutely amazing!  Coulthart, a British graphic artist, illustrator, author and designer who has produced book covers, illustrations, CD covers and posters.  He is also the author of the critically acclaimed Lovecraft-inspired book The Haunter of the Dark: And Other Grotesque Visions which contains a collaboration with Alan Moore entitled The Great Old Ones that is unique to this book and also has an introduction by Alan Moore).  He has designed promotional art and CD covers as well as packaging for the heavy metal group Cradle of Filth, Hawkwind and Steven Severin not to mention he also created the poster and cover art for spoken-word albums by writer Alan Moore. His literature background is phenomenal as well, he has worked with Colin Wilson and for a lavish Savoy Books edition of David Lindsay‘s A Voyage to Arcturus and has designed the covers for many contemporary Steampunk novels.  He has also designed (and contributed an entry to) the anthology work The Thackery T Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases and also its sequel The Thackery T Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities and has also produced numerous cover illustrations for Arthur Magazine.  Coulthart is a legend respectively in his craft – dark, mysterious, and moving images that tend to disturb as well as inspire.  His work is something eerily reminiscent of a cult classic or late 60’s/70’s  horror films art work.  He also has been updating a daily blog entitled feuilleton cataloguing interests, obsessions and passing enthusiasms since February 2006.  Nominated for a British Fantasy Award, for Best Artist, in 2005, Coulthart continues to push the limits of fantasy and horror in a way only he can.  In 2012 he won the Artist of the Year award at the World Fantasy Awards.  John Coulthart is everything we try to embody at Nakid – talented, pushing limits, and staying true to his own ambition and inspirations, and we absolutely love his work!


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