Legowelt is known as one of the most eccentric and genius producers of our time, he also invents equipment, and his new Clapernicus synth is no ordinary synth!  It allows you to tweak the “slap”, “wallop”, and ”sogginess” of your synth claps, giving you more flexibility and range with your choice in sounds.  Known for his expert tech abilities in producing and synth sounds, the Dutch producer Legowelt is also just a near endless source of entertainment. Whether he is soundtracking videos or filming, he is never far from making you laugh and you will undoubtedly never be disappointed, just check in on the guy and prove us wrong!  Clapernicus is just the most recent project the infamous producer has ventured out on and succeeded at.  A clap synth for Ableton 9 – what genius.  Aside from giving you all the clap sounds you could possibly want, it comes with a series of effects that show off it’s creators wonderful sense of humor as well.  For example, you can manipulate how soggy the claps sound, or bump up “The Prince Factor” for some “nasty funk spiciness.” So all you producers out there with a sense of humor, humility, and the shear adventurous spirit to kick up the laugh factor within your music, this is for you.  On a serious note though, Clapernicus excels at the clap factor, we wouldn’t be surprised if you started hearing samples from this synth in some of your favorite producers music soon out there!

Check out Legowelt’s WEBSITE or his SOUNDCLOUD for unadulturated joy and where you can also hear a short sample of his newest genius creation, the Clapernicus Synth.