This morning we saw a story on EliteDaily and we couldn’t help but share it with you guys – the best hipster wedding photos and story we have ever heard or saw!  From the streets of Vegas to the beaches of Bali, couple Ainsley and Sebastien spared no expense and no shortage of badass style for their wedding plans. They are no amateurs to the photo-lime light when it comes to their intimate moments being filmed, enlisting the amazing skills of photographer Janneke Storm for their wedding, they also had her shoot their engagement which took place in the middle of a photo shoot!  Australian native Ainsley first met Canadian-born Sebastien when he served her coffee at a local organic cafe she’d been known to frequent. “It was love at first site“, said Ainsley of the encounter.  After three weeks they were living together, and five years later he we are, front row to their amazing wedding.  

Many of the shots are candid and not setup, “a testament to the photographic skills of Storm”, said Ainsley.  Clad in silver sequens and dawning a white suit and beard Grizzly Adams would be jealous of, Ainsley and Sebastian ran the streets of Vegas, almost late for their own wedding Elvis was officiating.  Spontaneity was the real theme of the wedding, even adorning random wedding tattoos at one point.  She said:

“We had absolutely no idea what we would do that day, we just knew we had to be at our chapel by 2:45 pm.”

During their 1-year anniversary the couple took Janneke Stormwith them, their self-proclaimed official photographer, and flew to Bali!  The couple had a team even customize their wedding attire to spice it up for their first year photos.  Said Ainsley on the subject of their couple shoots:

“You can 100 [percent] expect a second year anniversary shoot from us too.  Only next time we will be heading back to the other side of the globe where things are a little cooler.”

See the entire trips photos below and make sure to follow Janneke Storm’s work for the next crazy wild adventure from these two badasses!

(Via EliteDaily)