We underestimate the power of time. We underestimate how fast everything moves. Cities are recognizable, but not nearly the same. The image is altered – nothing photographed still exists in the same form. There are days that I want to be the same little girl looking out onto the London skies – fascinated by the world. But perhaps, I can’t be. I used to be on inside looking out, looking out onto what the world could bring me. I used to stare at art, and was mesmerized by what it showed me. Now, I walk past it – limited appreciation.


I just want to travel. I don’t want time to limit me any longer. I want the appreciation to come back – the appreciation of culture, or of art. I want to appreciate the city I live in, or time will get the best of me. Day by day, this city grows around me and suddenly, all I’m left with are the memories of what the place was – not what it is now. Don’t tell me that I don’t take it in – I don’t want to hear it anymore. You just get so worked up in what is your tiny life in a world full of other tiny lives. Look at the bigger picture. Forget about the individual grains of sand, but look at what it makes up. An ocean. A beach.

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