Only full spreads of color photographs, a kooky world filled with surrealist details, just visual no text. That’s what a scene joker does. Maurizio Cattelan’s mind has been described by Pierpaolo Ferrari, with whom he created Toilet Paper Magazine, as a kind of madness, disjointed, a lyrical journey that goes up and down, over and around and finally through the woods to a place never knew existed before. Actually is a good summary of the work of this Italian artist provocateur, that observing his works; what first appears squeamish, later becomes hysterically funny and some things which you think are funny become really disturbing. This reminds me of a phrase that said “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”, thing that really happens with his notorious images that could look dreamlike or nightmarish.

To awaken a guilty pleasure it’s a must to watch this artist that is a mix of Freud and Schiaparelli with a special twist; an uncanny ambiguity which is guaranteed to shock, amuse, and telegraph your cultural savvy.

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