Photography Bay Garnett, 1997

As if Chloë Sevigny wasn’t badass enough, she just got even more amazing, and not only more but approximately 25 years worth of amazing encapsulated in her new self titled book!  Accumulated moments of the famed actresses life by some of the biggest names in photography such as Terry Richardson, Mark Borthwick, and Juergen Teller to name a few.  Chloë Sevigny’s Rizzoli monograph is almost here, with a set release date of April 15th, 2015, and it sure seems as though it’s going to fly off the shelves. The book traces the evolution of the ‘IT‘ girl and Jay McInerney dubbed ‘Coolest Girl in the World‘ in the New Yorker back in 94, as well as her endless style, grace, and all around amazing personality she is known for throughout her landmark career.  From the days before she was famous behind the counter of it-boutique Liquid Sky through her five Opening Ceremony collaboration collections.  

Photography Mark Borthwick,1996

Although Sevigny has been part of some books and features in the past, this deeply personal book is unlike anything we have ever seen of the actress before. It includes teenage snapshots of the actress taken by her Darien High School pals; Miu Miu and Chloé campaigns; editorials shot by the who’s who of fashion for peblications spanning the entire industry including PurpleThe Face, and more!  Not only is the actress the center of attention but her personal memorabilia including casting fliers, pages from her day planners, and homemade zines are on display for the first time ever!  It seems the timing is not without its glory either, marking the 20th anniversary of a whole host of film stills and behind the scenes shots from Kids, Larry Clark’s 95 cult shocker that marked Sevigny’s film debut and is undoubtedly one of our favorite movies of all time here at Nakid!

If that wasn’t enough, Sevigny entrusted and recruited longtime BFFs Kim Gordon and Natasha Lyonne to lay it all out there for you; Gordon, who co-fronted Sonic Youth and tapped a teenage Sevigny for the band’s Sugar Kane video back in 92, wrote the forward to the book and Lyonne, who Sevigny met in a backyard in Toronto while filming 99’s A Map of the World, was tapped to write the afterward which is sure to be intimately hilarious.

Chloë Sevigny hits stands April 14!  You can get it here:  RIZZOLI BOOKS

Photography Wolfgang Tillmans, 1995

Photography Kevin Hatt, 1995

Photography Marcelo Krasilcic, 1994

  Photography David Perez Shadi, 1991

Photography Mark Borthwick, 1999

Photography David Rosenblum, 1992

Images © CHLOË SEVIGNY, Rizzoli New York, 2015