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Banjos to Beats & Gravitas Recordings held their 3rd annual “Air Up There“, an unofficial SXSoiree held at 219 West in Austin, Texas on March 20th, 2015.   “Air Up There”, consisting of 2 stories/stages (indoor and rooftop) at 219 West, was designed to display ongoing live and electronic music from 2pm – 2am – a fresh experience both inside and out- a gaze into genre variety filled with eclectic feels.  Banjos to Beats, a music community rising from Dallas, Texas, has been bringing fresh talent to the music industry since 2009.  A prime music promotions/production outlet whom has worked with some of the hottest talent in the game of Electronica to Hip Hop to Roots Music to Bluegrass to Funk, they were sure to bring the fire along with Austin’s own Gravitas Recordings.  Being aware of both of these communities since 2011, and an attendee of this event for the third year in a row, I was eager to get a taste of the lineup…a mode of discovery waiting to happen.  A palette splash of electrifying genres of Bass, Funk, Hip-Hop, Soul, Glitch Hop, and Electro vibes filled the night as refreshing raindrops fell high from Austin skies making it a nourishing memory inspired to be remembered.  Familiar faces and new smiles graced the event making it an everlasting experience with a pro and smooth approach.

Powered by Euphoria, and sounded through BassMaxx, Air Up There, was an exquisite taste of soothing frequencies.  Downstairs consisted of an extended photo booth along the entrance and further into the back was the inside stage with plenty of dancing space for all of us to groove down and enjoy the atmosphere full of vibes and smiles.  Flowing up the stairs was a quick psychedelic spiral into cool air as you could feel the music fill your entity as the twist went linear.  As I entered the daylight, I was graced by an old friend from Dallas, reminding me that my past has inspired me to be here now, supporting a music family, BTB, that was one of the initial inspirations into the music lifestyle I now live in.  The lineup consisted of rooftop performances by Late Night Radio, Smalltown DJs, Illenium, Vaski, Soulection ( AbJo, Andre Power, and Kronika), ONE4ALL, AMB, Brede, D.V.S.*, Psymbionic, Mikey Rodge, Willgood, DJ S.O.U.L.Jah, Wrestlers & Haute Boys, and SuperVision.  The indoor stage consisted of Seeds?, OPIO X FREE THE ROBOTS, Coyote Union, Jack & Eliza, Lindsay Lowend X Jonah Baseball, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Blunt Force, Henry + The Invisibles, Sudie, Junk Food, Topic, Jumbii, Black Market Pharmacy, and Cache Money.  Josh Smith and Amanda Smith of and Jesse Brede of Gravitas Recordings have created a unique unofficial SXSoiree, making it a top showcase to familiarize yourself with.  A free RSVP event, I’m thrilled to see what comes to reality in 2016, be sure to keep your eyes pealed for Air Up There. Check out these photos taken by Phil Clarkin & Jonathan Garza, a visual representation of emotive feels.

Photos courtesy of Phil Clarkin

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