From street performers, to cult Austinites urging passerby’s to “chop off our dicks,” the authentic versatility was soundly present in the streets of Austin during SXSW. The 100,000+ crowd that SXSW attracts may all differ in origin, ethnicity, culture, and morals, but all share one common attribute: an unsatisfied thirst and passion for music and the sweet orgasm it brings to our ears.

On March 19th, the OWSLA crew hit the Main early after a late showcase at the Speakeasy on March 18th. The OWSLA IHEARTCOMIX Austin Party Weekend showcase was a day performance filled with lots of bass, bangers, and gut punching drops from some of the label’s rising stars and closest friends: Jai Wolf, Mark Johns, DJ Sliink (the King of Jersey Club), Carmada (Sydney, Australia), Valentino Khan, Milo and Otis, Salva and What So Not (Sydney, Australia). This lively showcase boasted contrasting styles, dips into house motifs, grooves in smooth boogie funk, and massive rolling bass waves.

Later on that evening, Play Me Records headed down from LA to Austin, Texas for SXSW to team up with SubPac to deliver this sick lineup. Spacebass Takeover featured sets from Reid Speed, Dirt Monkey, JumoDaddy, Eliminate, FreQ Nasty, Proper Villains, Prismo, and not sorry.

JumoDaddy, a progressive electronic producer from Budapest, Hungary, made his first ever US appearance sponsored by the Balassi Institute (a Hungarian Cultural Center). While some in the crowd gave the side eye to freely dancing individuals, many people stomped and jumped to drum and bass. A few in the crowd decided to clear the area and make a circle so they would have room to breakdance. The night closed with an ode to Drum and Bass via the collaboration of JumoDaddy, Dirt Monkey, and not sorry.