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Photo by: James Pawlish


This past Tuesday, April 7th 2015, a force of biblical nature hit the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco that had the floor moving, asses shaking, and mosh pits breaking out. We’re talking about none other than Earl Sweatshirt and Action Bronson’s sold out show. Its probably come as no surprise by now that we here at Nakid are a bunch of music junkies cruising from one show and festival to the next. With that being said, lets jump into it!

From the very start, the place was exploding with energy and the wafting aroma of joints being passed around filled the air. By the time Earl Sweatshirt came out, the place was rowdy as fuck and ready to get lifted. With members of Odd Future on hand, Earl lyrically destroyed the audience’s minds while diving into the crowd. Yeah, stage diving happens at hip-hop shows a lot more then you think!

As Earl’s time on stage came to an end, legendary producer Alchemist dropped a 15-minute DJ set to an eager crowd that was thirsty for Mr. Wonderful himself, Action Bronson. The front row of teenagers who had waited patiently the whole night to see the larger than life character chanted “Bronson! Bronson!”.

Finally, the hero of the night appeared from the shadows. Sporting his now infamous unruly beard, a black t-shirt, and kakis, Action took the stage and jumped immediately into “Brand New Car,” the opening track from his newly released debut LP, Mr. Wonderful.

The twenty-eight year old former chief who is known for his love of food and all things culinary belted out his signature quips;

Billy Joel at the garden,
Should I get a skybox or an ’89 iroc?
It’s always poppin’ at the iHop,
Choke a pussy with his tie knot, it’s my block,
Chuck Knoblauch, spicy coconut curry from the Thai spot,
I’m in a hurry, dumb jewelry,
The verdict read from a hung jury,
The doctor said that I was hung early.

By the time the show was over, you’d think the crowd had just went comatose from eating. I know by the end, all I had on my mind was a burger and some beers, but the night was young and I’d have to settle with the bomb ass veggie wraps that were in the green room. Yeah, those had me saying “fuck thats delicious”! Check out the photos our Editor James Pawlish and Photographer Lance Skundrich took after the jump.


Action Bronson_1
Photo by: James Pawlish
Photo by: Lance Skundrich
Photo By: Lance Skundrich
Action Bronson
Photo by: James Pawlish
Photo by: Lance Skundrich
Action Bronson_4
Photo by: James Pawlish
Action Bronson_5
Photo by: James Pawlish
Photo by: Lance Skundrich
Photo by: Lance Skundrich
Photo by: Lance Skundrich
action portrait
Polaroid Photo by: James Pawlish