Joyride is a new producer and DJ from the United Kingdom who has been on the music scene with various projects for some time now.  But his new solo project, Joyride, is taking him places.. With his new release “Kickin Off” and upcoming release of his Jack U remix “To U” featuring Aluna George, is set to bring the fire for this Summer and sure to be one of his hottest remixes yet!  Joyride’s UK Garage & Dance influenced sound is refreshing and addictive, he is definitely someone to look out for this year and long term.  We caught up with him and had the chance to pick his brain on his plans, his sound, and where he’s headed!  Enjoy!




1. So what made you split into a new solo project with your music? How did you come up with Joyride, is their some meaning behind it, what’s the story behind this new project that made you creatively push in a new direction?
I grew up in the south of the UK, and back then in school if you did not listen to Uk Garage or just “garage” before it became synonymous with the UK, You would be better off NOT coming into school, hahah. No matter how much we grow, there are parts of us that will remain. Uk Garage is mine and I want to apply all I have learned and love to my past influences.


2. Now that WMC is over and the premiere of your new project and “Kickin Off” is a success what’s next for you and Joyride?  Is “Kickin Off” part of a larger release, possibly an LP or EP from you this year, if so when can we expect it, and if not why not, what’s holding you back?
Yes, I would like them to be part of an LP or EP, but at this point I am just writing and releasing. The only reason I can think they won’t be linked by one title or album name will be if they don’t compliment one another. But F*** all that, I am in this to make tunes I love and to be loved.


3. We got a chance to hear a preview of your Jack Ü remix and it was damn amazing! What made you choose them to remix and what other remixes can we expect from you or even collaborations this Summer or even this year with other artists?
The second I heard Take U There in a party (Jack Ü’s track with Kiesza) I totally got the project. I literally saw the album they were gonna make before they did it haha. That track is the most unique on the album in my opinion. It does not directly have a dancefloor drop, but it is made for dancing clearly. really was the perfect one to make a remix of that wont compete with the original in anyway. 


4. What would you say the biggest differences between the UK and the US’s EDM/Dance music scenes and audiences is for you?
These days not much on the surface. We both just want to feel fresh & enjoy music with friends. But I would say the KEY difference is the US is very much driven by ‘ This is HOT so I will be a listener of it ‘ and the UK is ‘ I am listening to this because its NOT the hottest thing around ‘ which when done by everyone MAKES it hot hahaha. Thats the only thing I see.. OH and in the UK we know more about clubbing, ONLY because it rains so fucking much we take our indoor activities way too seriously… Both Continents are top in my opinion.


5. Summer is just starting and with it comes festival season for the rest of the year, can we expect you on any major circuits or better yet any tours out there this year?
Absolutely, If JOYRYDE is anything its a people/friendship thing. Festivals with sound systems and JOYRYDE music is a perfect combination for sure! I am building up for touring now and letting the tunes and idea settle in.. Lets see what happens! 


6. Have you thought about signing with anyone as your stuff takes off or are you going to try and keep DIY as long as possible?
I am keeping my eye on making tunes and developing my vision at this point, If anyone comes along and believes in it and wants to develop it too I am all ears.


7. What’s been the hardest and easiest part of creating his new project, Joyride?
The hardest part is just being like a new act again, but thats kinda fun too! The easiest part is having a good time in the studio. THATS SO FUCKING EASY and happens all the time!


8. What would you say is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you at a show or on tour? .. What’s your spirit animal?!
One time in Brazil, I was about to go on and play. It was an outdoor festival & the act before me said they had 5 mins left. I ran to the back fence to take a pee, while peeing, I heard them drop the music and the people start clapping, I immediately shook off, zipped up and turned and ran.. I ran so fast I ran across and field of wet MUD which when I stepped in my first leg, it went down till my knee, Then the next , when I pulled my leg out, my shoe has stuck 2 feet down in the mud and then the other followed… SO NOW, I am down on my hands and knees pulling out the shoes while the crowd chant my name waiting for me and people snap pics of it...I played with muddy socks for about 2 tracks and then someone brought me socks and shoes.. wow that for reminding me of that!


9. How are you listening to music wise right now and getting inspired by? Who do draw your influence from as well?
Listening to a lot!  A lot of of songs, A TON of hip hop. TBH I think pop and urban music is more dynamic and surprising than MOST dance music at the moment.. Not that I give a S*** , What sounds good goes in my ears what does not goes out the other.. Simple 🙂


10. What advice do you have for kids out there on the grind trying to push their music and art right now into the limelight?
In the words of Jay Z  ” Mazel Tov, L’cHAIM, I wish you a hundred years of success but nows my time! ” ……. Be open minded for business but be Stubborn as an artist.