Chicago based photogrpaher Liz Fang recently submitted a new editorial to us entitled “Shine Like The Sun” featuring model Peter Kim and it’s absolutely stunning!  With HMUA Andie Pierce, 24-year old medical student Liz Fang set out to create a fictional world enthralled with minimalist color and adornment, along with a Greek Olypmian-esque style and emotional flirtation with romanticism in death.  Fang, who self-proclaims studying of zebrafish, bread baking and photography, is focused on telling a narrative about peoples lives and memories (both real and imagined) using light and color to create a cinematic movie-still feeling.  This a modern re-imagining of the story of Icarus, a boy who flew too close to the sun and then drowned in the sea because his wax wings melted. The original myth is supposed to teach the tragedy of pride, or at least that’s what we get out of it, but Fang has always romanticized it as an illustration of our tendency to chase after our dreams, even when they might burn us in the end. The story is told in three parts: his glory, his death, and then his rebirth.

CREDITS:  Model: Peter Kim / HMUA: Andie Pierce

See more of Liz Fang’s work here: TUMBLR / BLOGSPOT / INSTAGRAM


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