This week on our DUOS! series we have something special for our readers!  Normally Gil Riego is an event and street photographer, he earned his degree in photojournalism and basically let the world around him shape what/who to photograph. From dingy bar concerts to multi-billion dollar wine tours and everything in between, his clients and experience vary widely, but every now and then he gets the itch to do something different and this time were in luck – Riego sent us this editorial recently shot with model Jordan Bunniie, and this shower scene is anything but timid! Lurking on Instagram, Riego came across model Jordan Bunniie on the explore page. That’s when the itch happened. He wanted to recreate a shoot he did back in college that was pretty high-key nude with a pale model. He messaged her about it and she was interested so they exchanged emails back and forth and she was wondering if there was a way to incorporate water. Luckily the studio he planned to shoot in, had a shower that was available and Viola! What you see before you is the completed editorial the two artists created together and we love it!  Enjoy!
Photography: Gil Riego Jr. (instagram @gilphotogrpahy)
Model: Jordan Bunniie (instagram @jordanbunniie2)
Location: Rose Studios, Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA

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