Get ready for the spookiest mix you’ve heard today, courtesy of The Underground Collective’s most talented producers. This Nakid Exclusive is a collaboration between New York based producer WTCHCRFT and  Texas based Rea’dio and Drew Mystx as part of T.U.T collective, a online gathering of producers, photographers, models and performers that come together to share their talents among each other and promote and support their individual projects. Heaven and Hell is a mixtape that fluctuates between ghostly uplifting sounds and samples that will give you chills when they are slowly introduced by the lower wavy sounds of the mix.
The mix is based idea of taking something ethereal and bringing it to a sinister state, and vice versa. Going from heaven to hell. Starts out at an ethereal almost ending styled sound that Rea’dio has familiarized with for his previous work. Then moves into a more sinister state ‘dying’ type feel with Lord Depression and Echavox’s mixing.  WTCHCRFT & drew mystx bring the true sinister feel towards the end as you enter the Hell and If you make it to the end you will capture probably the most terrifying sample you ever heard on a song, a whipping broken voice whispers  “I just want to apologize to my ex’s mom, and johs’s mom and my mom. That Im sorry to everyone. I was very naive, I am so sorry for everything that is happened”
With so much talent under their tent T.U.T should be a collective you must keep a eye for for your one stop daily discoveries for all types of media.
Track list.
While We Were Alive – Rea’dio
Waiting – lovewithme
I Will Fear No Evil – Echavox
Durango Mountain Resort – lord depression
When Hell Is Full The Dead Will Walk The Earth – WTCHCRFT
Abandon All Hope – drew mystx