We all have morning rituals and like many others I am one of those energetic people that just after getting up in the morning likes to prepare a delicious breakfast – and that doesn’t mean I am an early bird – but whatever your mornings are like, this is the new and healthy way to kickstart the day; the morning raves. It’s a chill trend becoming a massive hit in London, New York and many other countries. It is for those who want to pump a little bit without the painful morning-after repercussions.

Releasing different chemicals that you can’t get from exercise is a form to rave your way through the day with no drugs and alcohol-free, just plenty of green juices, smoothies and antioxidant energy drinks. Will run from 7am and last no more than three hours, totally unlike your typical rave. This morning movement led by Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville, the most famous companies, will make you surround yourself by amazing people, beautiful music and an incredible vibe. If you want to dance your face off before work and feel gloriously healthy while doing so, “conscious clubbing” as an alternative to the current clubbing scene is for you.


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