There was a time somewhere in the 60’s when a music festival often represented a movement, it represented a communion on similar minds trying to stand up for something, an innovative idea that prove the world that when people connect thought music they could achieve bigger things. Yes the times they changed, we no longer need to use music as a movement because everything is good now ‘right’, there is no Vietnam war, there is no social inequality nor segregation. Therefor, today we can afford to experience  music festivals as a rich kid’s sport, it doesn’t matter who you are there to see but that you prove via Instagram that you in fact attended the fest.
In recent days fresh out of Coachella’s madness where all headlines about the festival read something like “Kylie Jenner was here… Pay attention to us”  or “Justin Bieber got punch here… buy your tickets right now, he will probably get punched again next weekend” Festival culture has lost its identity. Its turned into a cockfight of names; who has the biggest names, who gets the new acts first and who is the most profitable.
Not trying to partake in such a cockfight, Austin Psych Fest ‘Levitation’, is the one festival that will make you reimagine the idea of an outdoor camping music fest. It is all about the sound wavves and how you interpret the music. Just like in 1967 at Monterrey Pop Fest when the audience anticipated The Mamas and the Papas and the Who, but were left mesmerized by the raw talent of less known artist at the time Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Otis Reeding. At LEVITATION, you might be there to experience Tame Impala or the Flaming Lips, but GOASTT and How to Burry Strangers could be the ones who truly blow your mind. It is a very complex attempt of bringing psychedelic rock music back to the big masses. Here are some pointers on why Psych Fest ‘Levitation’ is the festival to go to this spring:

The 13th Floor Elevators 50yr Reunion 

Is been 50 yrs since the fathers of psychedelic music have rock a stage like this. Often referenced as the first band to truly convey the term of psych rock, the elevators are a legacy that the legacies look up to, they are the pioneers that inspired most early 70’s garage rock and rock and roll as a whole.


The Jesus and the Mary Chain performing the Psychocandy 

Back from hiatus, the British band famous for their violent shows back in the 80’s and their no fucks given attitude that would put any celebrity shit shows of our times to shame. The Jesus and the Mary chain was the rock band your parents’ parents refuse to let your parents listen to. With sound influences from the Ramones, Psychocandy was the debut album from TJAMC. A legendary album and they will be performed in its entirety at psych fest.


The Camping and Line up Experience
If at any point of your short pretentious life you said to yourself “I was born in the wrong era, I should have been born in the 60’s” here is your chance to prove yourself! Go out and camp like people did back in the day. Avoid the pressures of social media and technology and just be there to enjoy the amazing line up. We assure you that every act will blow your mind.

The amazing poster artwork  
If there is a cliche in the 70’s movement, it was the visual art aspect. The melting art work that often represented the state of mind of someone on an acid trip was incredibly popular. It was often imitated and almost always subverted. Yet, Psych Fest managed to find the few artists who could remaster such intricate style or design and make the spookiest art work we have seen for a festival this year.If my words do not convince you just look all these groovy posters made individually for each artist playing the festival.
Michael Fuchs for Lightning Bolt
Matthew Decker for Flaming Lips
                                                            Adam Pobiak Posters for Primal Scream
Austin Psych Fest

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