Badass photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne is known for his amazing image work, whether its for Audi, Visa, EuroDisney, Hewlett-Packard, Oldspice or Volkswagon his images are everywhere and skill undoubtedly one of the best in commercial photography – but recently Lemoigne has been working on something a little different and its caught our eye!  Focusing on more of his personal work, Lemoigne has begun work on a new series entitled “Made Of Pixels“. It’s simple yet impactful, and the depth of his subjects in each shot is inspiring to say the least.  It’s desaturated almost monotone presentation adds effect to the series as a whole as well almost like the glue binding the frames together.  Most of the series is GIFs flashing numerous different sequenced pixels disappearing and reappearing in a loop refracted onto a random area of the subjects body or landscape.

Lemoigne has been shooting commercially since 2005. His dynamic take on traditional advertising has won him a plethora of awards worldwide, with wins at Cannes Lions, CLIO Awards, The One Show & the New York Festivals’ International Advertising Awards – this is just one more amazing project from Lemoigne. Abstract and clear, the idea is pretty ingenious, and we can’t wait to see even more of his personal projects in the future!  Here are some of our favorites from the series, enjoy!


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