An every day interiors magazine issue #15 featuring: Ryan McGinley, Matthew Stone, Ruth & Marvin Sackner, Linus Bill, Marguerite Stephens, Todd Oldham, Guy Rombouts, Vince Aletti, Gene Krell, Donald Cumming & Georgina Ford, César Manrique, Shirana Shahbazi. Also, a special around Ibiza on Armin Heinemann and his boutique, Paula’s Ibiza, and a special edition of “Deadpan”, a fanzine by Artus de Lavilléon & Jessica Piersanti, featuring Gaspar Noé.First shipping: 19 May 2015

291 pages /Soft Cover

The Magazine documents the interiors of artists and alike from around the world – the most intimate of surroundings and reflections of our personal style today!

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