Lolipalooza 2015 Line-up
Lolipalooza 2015 Line-Up

With festival season underway, Lolipop Records returns with the lineup for their second annual festival, Lolipalooza (not to be confused with the popular Lollapalooza.)

Lolipalooza makes its return to Echo Park, after a successful first year. With an all day festival, donning three stages and 30+ bands, Lolipop Records has succeeded in bringing together young, local artists and providing them with a home. Formerly thought as an antiquated form of music, Lolipop Records releases all their bands on cassette tapes, reviving the music scene, as we know it. Today their catalog consists of over 100 bands from all over the place. Lolipop Records has made a name for itself in Los Angeles as a label that is always trying to reinvent today’s artist culture.

Mystic Braves performing at last years Lolipalooza.
Mystic Braves performing at last years Lolipalooza.

Although its no Psych Fest ’Levitation,’ Lolipalooza does have some similarities including performers White Fence, L.A. Witch and a chance at another 60’s psych rock band reunion, The Sloths. With tickets starting at $15, Lolipalooza is definitely a festival full of music worth checking out.