sango-beats-copyNobody has been making rounds around Soundcloud as much as the Sea
ttle based producer Sango, as part as the Electro R&B Soundcloud royalty that has a prominent market in the website for true music lovers. Sango is arguably the best at what he does, with a simple outlook in production values and a transcendent sound that takes you back to the soul days but with an experimental electro Nu Era and trap style that constantly reminds you of something new. As part of Soulenction, a collective of producers nationwide with a similar sound and a common appreciation of the groovy vibes, Sango has shared his talent with other prominent artist such as Ta-Ku, D.R.A.M and SPZRKT. Either a song or full EPs, the more familitr you get with his product, the easier you can recognize the touch of Sango when his sings come up on your feed. Because given how active this guy is, Im sure he will come up somewhere on your Hypem or IndieShuffle sometime soon.

For me “JMK” was the record that enrapture my commitment to follow Sango’s music, it is a short and sweet song part of the full length collaboration with vocalist SPZRKT. With a grimy, bitter vocal work that shouts ‘How Do You Love Me’ at the beginning, then out of nowhere breaks into a melodic rap that sound like a combined style of Young Thug and Drake, but with more precision.
If you are a sucker for the experimental force of electronic music and R&B as much as I am, look no further. Sango is got your fix.