Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m a man’ {MUSIC VIDEO}
Watching Tame Impala live at Levitation was a transforming experience, the band has nothing left to prove to me. But that we have a visual representation for ‘Cause I am a man’, the first release from their upcoming album ‘Currents’ Ive come to terms that the band is on its own ride and we are just tagging along. With a heavily LSD influenced vibe, ‘Cause I’m a man’ video takes on some different ideologies of what it takes to be a man. Some work, marriage, sex and drugs imagery can be found portrayed by a headless man that seems to chasing something, maybe a woman.

GIANTS feat Josef Salvat – ‘Throwback’ 

I’ve never been ashamed of showing my overdone infatuation with Josef Salvat’s vocals since the release of ‘Huster’ although his productions always packing a sense  of experimental vibes, they seemed to be more dramatic and serious. Compared with the perfect feel good indie electro vibe from GIANTS, ‘Throwback’ just seems to fit the right bill. It has a good melody, a catchy hook and some impressive vocal work that loops through the song making it a joyful jam from beginning to end.

Florence and the Machine – ‘Delilah’ 
Im usually one to demand much from an artist such as Florence and the Machine, she has proven herself to be one of the most mystical and unique artist and vocalist of modern times. I respect her new work and I appreciate the transitions she is going through as an artist. But ‘Delilah’, the news track from ‘How Big, How Blue, How beautiful’ is the most polished work we have seen from her since Cathedrals and her Great Gatsby collaboration. Finally we get those big drums complement the elegancy of Welch’s vocals, the perfect timing and the perfect melody that we can only associate with Florence herself. ‘Delilah’ is truly a treat for Florence and the machine fans.

Seoul – Haunt /  A Light
After being in the local map and gathering some online attention in the past couple years Seoul is finally getting ready to release their full length album in June. With sounds that resembles a mixture of Washed out, Toro y Moi and New Navy we will not be surprise if they receive critical success.

A$AP Rocky is never one to back down from showcasing his personal experiences, raw and vivid visuals have always been part of his vision for his music videos. ‘LSD’ was not any different in that context. In comparison with Tame Impalas video, A$AP takes a more personal stylish approach and takes you on his own acid trip walking through the streets of Tokyo around bright neon lights, graffiti billboards and colorful chandeliers. If you have taken the drug recreationally then you probably think that there could be no better scenario for this experience. What we know already is that ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’ is already setting up to be the most experimental project by the rapper. And given that during SXSW we ran into A$AP himself hanging out at the Portugal the Man show with Danger Mouse, a collaboration between the three forces will take the music industry by surprise. We can only hope.

Via Rosa –  ‘Outraged’
The pure representation of the word lust, it would sound something like this. It is broken, it is sensual yet classy and gentle. Via Rosa’s ‘Outraged’ is hands down my favorite track this week. But thats because I am a sucker for this style of wavy electro R&B. If this ghostly song has the same effect on you the way it had on me, her haunting vocal work will chase you for days, yet it would feel comforting.

Hudson Mohawke – ‘Scud Books’
What would any producer give to be where Hudson Mohawke is now? The British producer already has a few hits under his belt and a promising outcome for ‘Lantern’ is fist full length album coming out in June. His intricate style has gathered attention from major online publications as well as multiple features on BBC1.Such style that is very noticeable on ‘Scoot Books’ his news installation.

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Daisy Chains’
Will Cook might only be 17yrs old but his song writing style and grasp vocals sure say otherwise. His music implements a sense of seriousness yet is youthful. Its perfect for a walk by the park or beach while contemplating a serious life move. His music might or might not be your style but after you loop ‘Daisy Chains’ a couple times, you will end up coming back for it without you even noticing.

HONNE – ‘Top to Toe’
After the success of ‘Coastal Love’ on their SoundCloud page, HONNE is receiving much love for their news installation ‘Top to Toe’ a more cynical approach for a love story gone wrong. The song is packed with an smooth wavy synth melody over some grasp dreadful vocals that make this the perfect song to jam to on a Sunday night drive.