Misaki Kawai is a Japanese artist who specializes in an anime method called “heta-uma” that “risks amateur aesthetics by embracing basic expression”. Her work has been shown extensively in the United States from VICE to W Magazine and more, not to mention the endless exhibitions, commissioned works around the world. Her father was an architect and amateur painter and her mother made clothing and puppets, so the creative juices run deep with Kawai and is something that runs in her blood. Her installations out of paper-mache, wood, fabric, and other low-tech, “crafty” materials like felt, stickers, and yarn are some of the most colorful, enigmatic, and creative structures/sculptures you will ever see – they almost seem to have jumped out of a 2D portal from a painting into a 3D world. Kawai shuns expertise, relying on self-educated skills and pure talent to create her amazing characters, scenes, installations, and works.  From paintings to sculptures to furniture to design in general, Kawai has an unmistakable style all her own, and we absolutely love it!  Here are some of our favorite pieces from her!

See more of Misaki Kawai’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM


LOYAL-Misaki Kawai-Jungle Fighter

6a00e54ecd94e588330147e020bcaf970b 100372391_4b67a10e08 Hindsight-2020-1 LOYAL-Misaki Kawai-Cherry Paradise Misaki Kawai detail 4 misaki-kawai-2-thumb-620x412-39839 misakikawaii_blueberry1_grande MK_P025low sculp-space04 watermill-arty2



(Some photographs by Vincent Dilio via W Magazine)

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