Hrjoe Photography’s playful and seemingly genius posed and styled photos of various superhero’s give new life to action figures among us. Edy Hardjo, the photographer behind the project, uses detailed, high-quality action figures to put some of our favorite superheros into hilarious and sometimes compromising positions.

After putting the figures into their picture-perfect poses, stands he uses to prop them are removed and then he removes some of the more obvious joints in the action figures with Photoshop to make them seem more life-like. Considering Hardjo started shooting as a hobby, his vision and style is something of a professional and amazingly artistic.

Recently Hardjo was interviewed by Shutterbug, in which he explained, “I use my daily experience as a source of ideas… All I do is replace the ‘usual’ thing with the ‘unusual.’”

See more work from Edy Hardjo here: FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM