Mara Sophie‘s illustrations definitely stand out in a sea of young artists and illustrators now a days.  Born in Bremen, Germany and having moved to New York City when she was 11 years old, she grew up in the suburbs before moving to a small town in Pennsylvania where she spent her formative years and graduated before moving back to NY where she is now based in Brooklyn, one of the epicenters of youth art and culture in the US right now.  Sophie seems to have a knack for female eroticism and pushing the limits of her illustrations within the youth culture and a world where sex is not less but more mainstream than ever. Her work may make you uncomfortable, excited, inspired, horny, or just plain indifferent – but one thing is clear, it makes you think, it makes you feel, and that’s the point.  Art serves to bring light to uncomfortable subjects, human circumstance, and to directly confront ideas and conformity within our cultures.  Sex is not something to be ashamed or hidden but celebrated and adorned, after all, we’re born naked, it’s society that changes us to feel like we need to hide ourselves.  We applaud Mara Sophie and her work and hope to feautre more in the future!  Until then, here are some of our favorite pieces by the young Fashion Institute of Technology student!


Seer More of Mara Sophie’s work here:  TUMBLR / INSTAGRAM