Mako Miyamoto’s photography is widely cinematic. Using masks and costumes, the Portland based photographer captures actors as Wookies. Recently exhibited at the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, his images are reminiscent of the over saturated exploitation films of the 1970’s and are characterized as dark, funky, and over the top action. As a photographer and director, Miyamoto’s current project is a crowd sourced, choose-your-own-adventure series of shorts featuring Frank Aberdean, a calevera in a yellow motorcycle helmet. The three part series is a murder mystery that allows viewers to vote on the prop Frank will use in the next short. The first two parts have already premiered on Miyamoto’s Neon Werewolf page, with the final installment to be released sometime this month.

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BAD CLVB - May 2021 - ATV Records, Miami