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What draws you to photography?

The ability to connect internally and externally simultaneously. It’s been a tool of self-awareness, a portal to the present moment.


What cameras do you shoot on? 

All of my fashion photography on @dyldog3 is shot with a Nikon and everything on my @dylansido account was taken with an iphone. There’s a magic in shooting with an iphone. I love the simplicity and accessibility. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and can sometimes overthink a shoot. The iphone simplifies the process allowing me to turn off my technical thoughts: shutter speed, aperture, ISO to focus on the present moment and to the subject matter. It’s more of an unconscious flow.

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What inspires you?

Anything and anyone that expresses truth with absolute confidence.

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How do you find your models / subject matter?

Almost everything on my @dylansido Instagram is caught in the moment with people I have no relationship with. There’s no preplanning or production. It’s me walking around with an iphone connecting with whatever inspires me in that present moment. However, depending on the fashion shoot I’ll either reach out to an agency and request a model I think will fit the concept or ask a friend to get involved.

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Are you self-taught, or school-taught?

I’m self-taught but can’t take complete credit for everything I’ve learned. I’ve had a handful of amazing mentors that have guided me and continue to guide me along the path. I appreciate them so much and hope to pay what I’ve learned forward!

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Do you like shooting black and white over color? Why?

I’ll shoot color from time to time.  There’s something special about black and white though. It allows me to transcend distractions and get right to the heart of a photo – to the truth that lies within it.

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What do you hope to convey with your work?

I want to inspire others to heighten their state of awareness. To become less distracted by day-to-day stresses/worries and step into their own personal truth.

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Which artist inspires you the most?

I get most of my inspiration from life; my experiences and random books that come across my path. However of course from time to time I’ll go to a Barnes and Noble and flip through magazines. There are so many incredibly talented artists. It’s kind of overwhelming.


If you could shoot anyone or any client, who would it be?

Saint Laurent, hands down.


What are your thoughts about your peers in photography? Any words for new photographers?

I’m grateful to have peers that are choosing the path less traveled and following their passion. As far as new photographers I say stay with it. It’s scary stepping out of the 9-5 scheme but you can either live your vision or someone else’s. One word of advice I can offer is to stay curious and ask quality questions. If any new photographers want to reach out directly I’m more than open to offering my time.