Shirt pockets are meant for kittens, right?

Naughty Nermal

Too right.

Nermal is the feline facet of RIPNDIP‘s whacky character trinity, alongside The Loon and a cheeky alien – graphic designs by New York artist Jayme Lemperle who works with the brand. Now based in Los Angeles, CA, the clothing line was started by Ryan O’Connor in Orlando, FL. From O’Connor’s mother’s garage to the skate parks of Orlando to the streets of LA, RIPNDIP is serving up tees and boards and things that will make the summer wilder, so make sure you check them out and get your stuff while you can!

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blog_Nermal-button-downs-for-storefront-750x750 OldTeesHoodiesJackets-154 OldTeesHoodiesJackets-155-800x800 RIPnDIP_TEE-BLACK-RIPPINASS-BACKripndip1

Written by Katrina Wong