Drag queens. They’re beautiful, sparkly, interesting, lovely creatures. And they have the photoshoots to prove it. If you type “Drag queen” into a google search your browser will be flooded with goddesses wonderfully captured with expert lighting from enthusiastic photographers. Type in Drag Kings next. The results are typically horrible (with the exception of Scarlett Johansson wearing a suit. Yowsah!). I wanted to do something about this. I felt that Drag Kings were a rare breed of woman which deserved to be celebrated with razzle dazzle equal to their Queen counterparts. So after extensive mustache shopping, eyebrow stenciling, and model hunting, I found 10 perfect representations of what I felt would be a more interesting result of  said google search. These kings exude confidence and are donning more than the typical black suit. I threw them in hawaiian shirts, colorful blazers, sequin bow ties, and their favorite mustaches. This was insanely fun to shoot and I can’t wait to find more models to join this party.

Models (in order of appearance): Anna Lena Lystad, Marion Smith, Jessica Repas, Lauren Bellenie, Alicia Jun, Regina Fountain, Jenna Jordan, Dani Conn, Katherine Bliss, and Ashlynn Danielsen. Photography and makeup by Ashlynn Danielsen.


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