If you follow Miley Cyrus at all, which most of our younger viewers and readers do, then you have not only noticed that she has either lost most of her clothes or that she just plain hates them. Recently Cyrus was caught sporting and proud of her hairy armpits via instagram. The last few years hair has been ‘IN’ and is a growing trend, a reversal from the 90’s and early 2000’s ‘all shaved is best’ trend, surely the brazillian waxers out there must be feeling the pinch. In the most recent Paper Magazine cover shoot containing Miley Cyrus and a pig, Miley raises the questions of her politics, religion, the LGBT community, homelessness, and animal rights. What speaks more and gets you more riled up about these important subjects and says ‘I’m serious about this’ than taking off all your clothes and having some fun with paint, flashing your boobs and vagina openly, and hair growing everywhere with a pig perfectly placed front and center. While we know sex sells, Paper has been increasingly pushing this view to launch their cover stories.. if you remember the ‘break the internet’ story where Kim Kardashian’s ass and most of her body was photoshoped and airbrushed completely nude to sell magazine’s.

So again, Cyrus pushes further than ever, and we applaud all that she is doing to bring attention to some of the real problems in the US and abroad, but really she doesn’t need to use her well made body to sell these issues, they get lost in her boobs, and now her crotch.. we’re just waiting to hear when playboy’s Cyrus cover is coming out!

(photos via Paper Magazine)


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