Recently Go Girl sent us a direct message on our Instagram that had this video in it, we were intrigued so we clicked play, and the song that ensued was not only awesome but touched on a subject that we hold dear here at Nakid, the FREE THE NIPPLE campaign. The United States is full of prudes, more importantly religious prudes who make a lot of the laws, and one of which is showing everything but the nipple. In 48 states it is actually legal to show the breasts in public, just not on public internet sites such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Why?!? No one exactly knows, most of the time they claim its because they want a family friendly environment, but Europe has been doing just fine for decades upon decades with women showing their breasts in public, they actually allow much much more than that needless to say. Men have nipples, yet they are allowed to be shown and women’s are not, is it because women’s nipples are seen as sex symbols and men’s aren’t? Well that’s pretty fucked up and not exactly true because all over the place men are shown as sex symbols with their shirts off and muscles blaring in your face, as if that is the ideal male sexual body, just like women are portrayed as skinny etc. in bikini’s.  It’s about time we put an end to the hypocrisy don’t you think, and one group of artists hailing from Northern Ireland are trying to do just that! Created through Go Girl – a community of creative woman in Northern Ireland who support each other and the arts, collaborate, and cause trouble! They were chatting about Free The Nipple with their favorite local rapper Bee Mick See and all drunkenly agreed they should write a song for it. So, what happens when you stick a blogger, a burlesque dancer, a rapper and an indie-pop musician together.. THIS!! Enjoy!