Today on Nakid we have an exclusive editorial by analog film photographer and artist Nicole Cartolano! Calling her photography Wild -fly – me, and guided by the feeling of logic she transitions from place to place escaping reality in the nearest natural nook with her closest friends. She even spent a year in a cabin in the redwoods of Northern California, where she rediscovered her passion for film photography – rewarding her more than digital, she focuses in on her subjects using a Pentax K1000 and has been working in the darkroom since the age of 13. She spent her teenage years in São Paulo, Brasil, where she was inspired by the freedom in the street art as well as the skate culture. She considers her art as a therapy, taking you on an adventure in order to capture your inner child!  With model Leanna Banana (who doesn’t love that name?!) and tucked away in a candle lit bedroom, they take you on a seductive and erotic adventure through a glimpse of easy living and freedom from clothes.  Sometimes the skin your in is not too little, but just right! Enjoy!

Model: Leanna Banana:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
Photographer: Nicole Cartolano:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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