WAKARUSA 2015-9630

Deep in the Ozarks in Arkansas there is a mountain, a mountain named mulberry mountain, and in June each year thousands of music loving, hippie living, amazing people flock to a field atop this mountain to come together in the name of love, peace, and a collective passion for great music at Wakarusa Music Festival. This year Nakid invaded the festival and it was nothing short of amazing! With performances by Major Lazer, Theivery Corporation, STS9, Chance The Rapper, Glass Animals, Destructo, Young The Giant and so many more! The weekend was day after day of sun and heat, but worth every second of sweating our butts off. Some might say four days of a festival and camping is too much, but we say it’s just right. With the festival starting on Thursday and carrying on to Sunday, each day was jammed with some of the best music out right now.  Friday Chance the Rapper raised the bar with his performance and STS9 had the crowds in a trance. Wakarusa has a different feeling than most festivals too, unlike some of your other camping fests, Waka goes all night long and into the morning. You may be tired but the music dancing off your ears and slow rising of the sun on your face put you in a euphoric slumber state. We thought it might rain Saturday and the festival was actually shut down for about an hour while a thunderstorm and lightning passed right by the festival but we stayed dry for the most part and of course the show carried on with Major Lazer tearing up the main stage with twerking as far as the eye can see, not to mention STS9 making an encore performance for the second night in a row. All in all Wakarusa 2015 outdid itself again, and showed that consistently they bring the best music in the world together with the best fans in the world and it makes for one hell of a weekend! If you didn’t have a chance to check it out this year then we advise you grab some beers and friends and start planning an epic road trip there next year because if there is one thing above all we can tell you about Wakarusa, it’s that this year may have been awesome, but next year is sure to blow it out of the water!

All photos taken by Dustin Hollywood

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