Dalong Yang is a fashion photographer who teamed up and collaborated with the amazing mixed media artist, Maxwell N. Burnstein on this new editorial submission we’re featuring today for our DUOS! series! In this new series the two got together and came up with the brilliant idea of pulling the great designs from the student designers who just graduated from Parsons this year and showcasing them on model Yun Bai in New York. All of these designers, six in total, were the finalists who were successfully featured on this year’s Parsons Fashion Show! The sharp edges and creative designs go perfectly with the masterful collaging Burnstein brings to the table and expert eye of Dalong Yang. Together these two could do big things and we look forward to seeing more in the future!  Enjoy!

Photographer/Creative Director: Dalong Yang
Mixed Media Artist: Maxwell N. Burnstein
MUA/Hair: Make-Up Pro New York
Model: Yun Bai

DESIGENRS FEATURED: Leaf Yiqi Xia, Jee-hye Lee, Tamara Krantzberg, Demi Yang, Joo-young Kim, Blair Moore.

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