The Dig is the veteran psych band with the credentials to make any other new comer sense a bit of jealousy yet still stick to the underground. They have managed to build a fan base by doing national tours and grabbing attention from every town in need of a psych melancholic sound that the The Dig has created so well.
From features in premium television to Sundance recognized films and touring with bands like Portugal. the Man, The Walkmen, and Thrice- The Dig has now taken some time to bring yet another beautiful visual and abnormal music film for their single ‘Made My Bed’, directed by Mike Muller. The film displays all four band members being seduced by female versions of themselves, therefore the members had to fully dress in drag and it’s a bit unusual to describe; they do not make the prettiest ladies of them all.
Yet the film is not really any form of comedy, with low bass lines and sinister tones ‘Made My Bed’ is a reflective song, one of those tunes you’d like to be played as the soundtrack to your late night shamed and lonesome drunk walks home, but with a sense of relief and self acceptance at the end. Check out their Film and some of their previous work. 






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