Designers at Open Platform for Architecture (OPA), are proposing a house that sits high above the Aegean Sea with a towering glass wall that overlooks the ocean. Casa Brutale, meaning brutal house, is made with wood, glass, and concrete, and is nestled into the rock sitting flush with its face. As part of a new trend extending home-living to the coastlines of such places as Northern Ireland, England, the Mediterranean and more around the world. One day you may see these designs farther reaching than just cliffs overlooking the ocean as well, such as rivines, gorges, mountains, and more as weather, and other factors threaten the status-quo on earth. These new design aesthetics and proposed home structures may be the wave of the future, especially with rising tides and global warming being discussed more and more. The roof is a huge skylight with a glass-bottomed pool on top that cools the home with heat coming from thermal insulation from the surrounding ground. This home is worthy of any super-villain and/or eccentric millionaire hermit for sure.

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