I recently scrolled through the “Explore” page on Instagram.  Moving passed the beautiful landscapes and gorgeous people in fashionable clothes, I stumbled upon a feed that I felt obliged to peruse.  Nearly every photo displayed drawings on paper with delicate lines and a range of various collaged elements.  The contrast between the paper and the ink was intense and purposeful.  The small intersecting lines created abstract figures and allowed for the imagination to wander and explore visual language through depth, worldly complexities and spontaneity. They were chaotic, and busy, and absolutely stunning.

Artist Michael Alan is unique in his practice.  Alan further explores his experiences and influences and translates them into various expressive mediums.  Drawing, painting, music, and interactive performances allow for him to embody his own loves and bridge the lacking gaps within the public art sphere. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Alan is one of New York’s must-see artists and his upcoming shows will definitely reveal some incredible gems.

Magic Shoe 9 x 11



Meeting with him, Alan articulated his interest in artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, but not just Basquiat’s paintings but his audio.  His recordings helped him better understand Basquiat and appreciate his background and process. It also allowed him to get even more familiar with artists such as ODB (Ol’ Dirty Basdtard) of Wu-Tang Clan.  Additionally, Alan’s interest in audio has pushed him to practice creating his own sound compilations.

“Music is really overlooked in fine art, especially in galleries.  I’m trying to bridge that gap.  It’s ongoing.  It’s something I feel I have to do.  It’s something I feel is lacking. I mean, if we are going to do fine art and hit everything from performance to sculpture to painting and printing and video, how do you leave out music?”

Alan has taken his passion for art to the next level.  His “Living Installation” project has been a project of his for 11 years.  It is his reaction to the void of happenings and gatherings in today’s NYC art culture. It acts as a collective encompassing the different components of art and experience. “Living Installation” draws in an audience (literally) and encourages an all-night draw-a-thon that includes installation, sculpture, modeling, performance, improv, dance, and pre-recorded soundtracks.  Models with abstracted designs on their faces display implications of theatre and movement as they model for live drawers.

His upcoming “Living Installation” event will take place from 6pm – 1am at Tanja Grunert Gallery, 33a Orchard Street, NY NY. Tickets for the event are on sale through Michael Alan’s website.

But wait, there’s more!  His beautifully detailed line works are coming out to show off and evoke public emotion and expression.  Alan’s incredible drawings will be exhibited at Tanja Grunert Gallery July 22nd – August 12th.

Obsession 9 x 12 Star Circus Poultry 9 x 11 Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.49.00 AM Mar_7_6 Kristen's World 9 x 12