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Italian-Brazilian photographer Marcel Swann specializes in art and journalism/street photography, and in this new exclusive editorial for Nakid he shows off his artistic side with model and friend Lilia.  Born in Salvador, Brazil, but raised in Florence, Italy, the young photographer at the age of 12 he soon began his obsession with visual arts – first starting out as a graffiti writer, favoring old school styles. He got into photography in part because he needed to do have visual aides to go along with his writing and coverage, which began his drift into photojournalism, and then his studying of other street artists’ works. Realizing photography best expresses his way of perceiving feelings and his view of the world, he quickly turned his focus from writing to shooting and now concentrates different passions visually with a camera – creating continuous references to literature, music, painting, and always respecting the commitment of being an author before being a photographer.

The set, “Talking about Alice Munro”was born by chance as an appendix to another project that Swann was working on when he met with Lilia. He had just finished reading ‘Who do you think you are?’ and it impressed into his mind a certain atmosphere and sensation that got his creative juices flowing – Lilia’s look is often pointed at the camera, and in that way depletes itself in an everlasting distance and uncertainty. Going back and referencing the book, the photo of the pink camera he shot in a unique way portrays the relationship that ties Flo and Rose together in the book.

See more of Marcel Swann’s work here:  WEBSITE / TUMBLR / INSTAGRAM

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