As part of our new on-going travel series entitled NAKID ON THE ROAD (hastag: #NakidOnTheRoad on all social media) shot on all 35mm film and started in order to document our staffs travel around the world and a behind the scenes documentation of the events, roadtrips, shoots, and more that Nakid is a part of everyday! We thought the anniversary of the greatest nation on the planet and our home countries birthday was a suitable kick off to the series and the photos shot by photographer duo Dustin Hollywood & Charis Kirchheimer were just too good not to go with!

We hopped in the car and started our journey to Austin, TX last weekend for the Fourth of July and along the way stopped to get some insane fireworks, kolaches at the infamous Czech Stop near Waco, TX, ventured to Kingdom for our good friends Hotel Garuda and Wax Motif playing, caught up with Total Unicorn and Night Drive at the Doughnut and Champagne Party, took shots with jazz bands, got dirty and sexy doing a shoot in our hotel room with an american flag we got, ate a bunch of donuts, and a ton more as you can see!

To check out more from the series on all your social media and to follow us check it out HERE!

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