Wendy Figueroa likes to explore sexuality and the everyday notion of the so-called ‘girl-next-door’. We’ve all been there, same boring neighborhood and then all of a sudden someone new moves in, someone hot, someone else who’s taking up your midnight personal special time thoughts. Slow gazes from across the street, spying from your upstairs bedroom window, stuttering to find the words as you pass by on the sidewalk, and finding any and every reason possible to accidentally run into each other or be in the same place. Thus is the way of young love, pedophiles, and the everlasting story of the ‘girl-next-door’. Figueroa tells us that she loves to explore erotica, women’s sexuality, and the thought of the everyday average woman – most of her models are not even models. The thought that out in the real world we hold tight to morals, politeness, societies boundaries, and people’s expectations most of the time, but when in our own world, our personal space, we are free to be what we want, what we are, what we can and could be.  In this new editorial from Wendy Figueroa she explores that bad girl next door, the girl we all love to fool around with!

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