Paula Latimori is a visual artist now based in Barcelona. She was born in 1990 in a small town of Córdoba (Argentina). With a toy camera as a present at the age of seven, she started her journey into photography. In the first years of her youth she produced lots of material while traveling or skating around South America, often shooting portraits. The natural surroundings and friends that sorrounded her pushed her vision and inspiration even further. She studied the field of Photography at CEF school in the city Córdoba and after finishing school she moved to Barcelona to Study Cinematography at Bande á Part. Developing numerous different roles in short movies as an art director, director of photography, gaffer and camera operator, she slowly learned the ropes of film making. Mixed with her different series of portraits, underground concerts, fashion, and album covers she has become enthralled in every aspect of the camera lens, behind and in front of it. She is slowly defining herself and her work like every process, but one thing is clear for sure, the love she has for creating images and films is reflected in the work she creates. The love for light, aesthetic, color and music – and like many of us artists, without those things, where would we be?

This is a small selection of images taken in July 2015 by Latimori, without help or collaborators, just her and her two friends. The series is about our own mental choking and suffocation caused internally by ourselves, the aesthetics of this series may not be exactly treated from the point of suffocation or drowning, but are all images subject to the title of the series and then the viewer can see and bring it to where the imagination will allow, is not a series where the content is explicit, as it also could be a series of simply advertising images. Its about ambition, and the image that we believe we create of ourselves, drowning and madness in a very subtle way and little explicit.
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DSC_6892 DSC_6798tres final drawn

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