Seema Hamid’s “BOOBS” Provokes Viewers to Challenge Social Perception of the Female Form

Artist Hamid crosses boundaries with playfulness, freedom and feminism, and through August 11, 2015, at the GALLERIE TERROIR you can view her newest creation, “BOOBS” – the first solo exhibition for German-born artist, Seema Hamid. The assemblage consists of 14 gicleé and mixed media prints of the female form that challenge viewers to question underlying social perspectives on BOOBS.

BOOBS represents a major breakthrough for Hamid, and is the first opportunity for the public to study her oeuvre in depth. An artist’s reception will occur at GALLERIE TERROIR on Thursday, July 23, 2015, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Various interpretations of BOOBS are the focal point of Hamid’s 14-piece exhibition, and many of her works incorporate emojis. Hamid illustrates in BOOBS few boundaries and perpetual freedom. She works in photography and advanced technologies and has an eye for exceptional color coordination and social nuances.

Hamid was born in Germany in 1981, moved to the Bay Area in 2001 and was drawn to San Francisco as her home base in 2008. She studied graphic design and photography at San Jose State University, and continues to explore design and photography on a daily basis. A self-professed “style cultivator,” Hamid was in 2013 endorsed by Proctor and Gamble’s brand, Sebastian Professional, which sent her on a worldwide journey for their ‘What’s Next’ campaign. Catch @seema on Instagram, and find what she fancies on her blog, igotmyownstyle.

More About BOOBS

By examining subjects such as equality and visual communication Hamid interprets allegories and stereotypes that juxtapose and divide societal thinking. Hamid’s work can yo-yo toward a serious and sensitive perspective while harmoniously keeping one’s humorous side entertained. Her intuitive layers are added to each other until the given understanding of subject matter is obliterated. Hamid’s oeuvre confronts personal challenges of our era with witty, sensual and visually appealing images. Provocation can bring deep seeded issues to our attention and the movement of Hamid’s work is one to respect. She has managed to seamlessly coordinate her visuals to move the audience’s eye between heated taboos with creativity and bring focus to issues of major concern. She pushes us not only to look at society at large but also to challenge why we see what we see. When you leave GALLERIE TERROIR, you will also leave behind many of your previous conceptions.

GALLERIE TERROIR is located at 1114 Folsom Street in San Francisco. Viewing by appointment only.

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