When artists step outside the box and present you with an idea, thought, or different way of looking or doing things it usually means two things:  First that they love what they do because they are obviously obsessed enough to care to do things differently, and second that they are an artist to keep your eye on, especially if what they are doing is really fucking cool.  New Orleans based musical artist BOYFRIEND is exactly that – pushing boundaries and changing the way we see music released! The school teacher turned rapper has been making a name for herself all over the place as of late, and was featured by Bullet Magazine just a year ago.  The 26-year old artist capture’s crowds attention everywhere she goes, and her sex fueled provocative and energetic performances are enough for any man (or woman) to wanna let her take advantage of them any place, any time.  With her debut EP out last August entitled LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND and her popularity clearly growing, she has taken to the next level once again with her newest EP, LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND pt.2!  Not only does her music kick ass but her releases are always timed with collaborative editorials with other artists she loves, something we have never seen before!  So without further a do, today on Nakid we are proud to premiere her newest collaborative venture, ‘SUMMER FUR, shot with photographer Delaney Royer along with her newest EP, LOVE YOUR BOYFRIEND pt.2, for your listening pleasure!  Enjoy!

Hear and see more of BOYFRIEND here:  WEBSITE / SOUNDCLOUD

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