A few months back we featured the Houston based photographer Cary Fagan as one of our first artists in our series ‘ARTISTS TO WATCH’, and again in our first issue, ISSUE I: WINTER 2015 with a full editorial and interview. Since then Fagan has been on the go, trecking across the the U.S. shooting with various models, building on his portfolio, and pushing his his work in new directions. Fagan has grown on us and his style is unmistakable and mesmerizing with his film-only approach and styled shots and poses that leave you inspired and creatively euphoric. In this now his third editorial for us, Fagan approaches the idea of being absent, and what it means to him, to us, to everyone.  When asked about the new series this is what he had to say:

“We can practice being absent from preconceived notions of analysis and control, we can be present on our own journey. – There is beauty in the simplest of things, sometimes you need to allow yourself to get lost without worrying that you will be found. By making ourselves absent from these fears and expectations we can be more than here; free in a sense. Lately i’ve been feeling absent with my current surroundings; cut off from the world i live in, submerged in the “world” i crafted myself for occasional mental hibernation. Absent occurs when those closest to me fail to understand who i am. It’s inspiring in a sense just based off the fact that i’m alone, and being lonely can increase inspiration towards anything…. I’m not sure i’ve discovered who i am, or what purpose i have on this earth, I still obsess over things that shouldn’t matter, but they do and it affects me… and that’s okay. My project “Absent” was created to show viewers that being reclusive in your own surroundings can be something positive for yourself in the long run. Being absent doesn’t always have to mean something bad.”

Cary Fagan

See more of Cary Fagan’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER