What is fashion? It’s excess. It’s ridiculousness. It requires ideas which seem inconceivably abstract. It begs questions we don’t know the answers to. And that’s why it is fascinating. I have always had a confusing relationship with fashion photography, because I had always felt that it interrupted my creative process. I realize now that that should be impossible. All of the additional people involved are other artists trying to express themselves, almost compulsively. Fashion photography allows multiple visions to combine, even if they clash. All of the sweat and heavy lifting creates this Frankenstein of a photograph which no one could have possibly envisioned beforehand. That’s where the magic is. That’s what makes excess so damn cool sometimes.

Model: Cory Mohn – INSTAGRAM

Stylist: Mariah Priddy – INSTAGRAM

Photographer: Ashlynn Danielsen INSTAGRAM / WEBSITE / FACEBOOK

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