Now for Part II of our two part story and interview on Chris Lund and Kelsey Kincannon, two producers and musicians in Dallas that are taking the scene to a whole new level..


1. So You guys have been in the Dallas music scene for a long time, notably leading the way on some of the hottest parties and music coming out of the area.   Now you guys have  teamed up and cemented your names into the party and music scene with your creation, F.U.T.U.R.E. your recurring music & art event.  How did you guys come up with the name and idea behind FUTURE?

K: When we first started FUTURE a few years ago We were listening to a lot of UK bass-driven, odd beat music.  It was often difficult to classify because it blended aspects of house, breakbeat, garage, and misc.  At the time, future garage and future jungle were developing (mostly in the UK) and used intricate beats, clean/prominent bass, and pitched vocals.

C: Yeah a lot of that music we liked then had that name but (ironically) had a lot of 90s influences. In the past couple years the term has taken off in a few US-driven genres…many of which have diverged from what was a dark, introspective, and hard-to-define sound that we loved.

K: The main unifying idea behind FUTURE is to make immersive art/music experiences where the art installations are as encompassing as the music.

C: Agreed!


2.  How  long have you two known each other and how did you guys come together on this project?

K: We were both involved in similar scenes for years without getting to know each other. In 2011, we met at a mutual dj gig and realized we had a lot of common musical and artistic interests.  We started hanging out and working on different art projects here and there. Eventually, we threw a party when some close friends visited from Cali.  It was so much fun that we decided we should do it again, but also try to incorporate visual art.  It has snowballed from there, turning into an outlet where we get to try a lot of our art experiments.


3.   FUTURE often teams up with THAT THAT Gallery, one of the hottest spots in Dallas for art and music events these days but you guys have done it several places in the past… one of which the WAAS Gallery. What made the change to the new location and what does this new partnership and location offer that differs from the others and brings new things for the party?

C: When we approached THAT THAT for the first event, we had only met Samantha a few times. After planning and installing a few events there, the FUTURE and THAT THAT crews are all friends (which definitely helps with some of the weird requests we usually end up making in the name of art).  Also, the main room at THAT THAT is a great blank canvas, but the space as a whole still has a strong character.  And since the last three iterations of FUTURE have been there, we’ve worked hard at making each one a very different experience.


4.   You guys are really keen on promoting the party as an art meets music experience for your attendees. Can you tell us a little about the design and overall concept of matching visual art with your music showcases and how you go about choosing which artists you will have involved ?

C: I feel like we try to pair the disciplines in a way that’s not done often at galleries or clubs: with dancing and underground music but also immersive art installations, and fashion. For us, this combo is exciting and different.

K: Choosing artists has been as easy as reaching out to artists whose work we like.  Early on, artists would simply show their art at our shows.  Some of the early artists even started building elaborate pieces just for the show.  Then we began developing our own ideas and working with artists who could help realize it, and making some artist’s preexisting concepts much bigger and enveloping for the space. We often start with a theme, which can include objects, ideas, colors, textures or anything else.  If we are collaborating with an artist, we’ll throw all the ideas into the ring and start hashing out what we think will work, and start figuring out how we’ll execute.  It’s a pretty open process, whatever gets the best result wins.

5.   Monthly parties are a hot trend right now, they are frequent enough to be a staple in the cities scene yet far enough apart that its almost impossible to get bored or used to attending and you are almost always excited and dedicated to going if the party is good, how do you guys think your party differs from some of the other in Dallas and do you hope to expand it outside of Dallas at some point?

K: Technically we aren’t actually a regular monthly…it’s something like every few months.  So far, I think the irregularity and infrequency works in our favor. We try to make each one a special night, and hope people are excited for them when they pop up.

C: Space / Time travel is confusing. You never know where we’ll end up.


6.  What projects are you guys currently working on for  the next FUTURE party and for the party in general, and do you find it hard to juggle personal work with the production of the party? 

K: Since we just finished a FUTURE, the time machine is spinning down for a while.  We do have some ideas for the next one.  We want to keep going bigger on the art side of things, and incorporate some new artistic directions.

C: Yes, we are working on an exciting fashion show + art install into one of upcoming events as well as incorporating some different kinds of live performances.


7.   What’s next for you both as artists? What are you currently working on for your personal music and what’s in the works for the rest of 2015 for you guys?

K: I’ve begun building DIY guitar/instrument effects, as well as playing guitar again after a long hiatus.  I’m focusing on writing non-dancefloor music at the moment.  And I wish I was painting more too (but I always say that).

C: Kelsey and I have one tune in the pocket we will be releasing soon. I also have a load of remixes and originals i’m still finishing/ shopping that will be coming out this year. I’m also working on some more non-dance more acoustic or electro-acoustic songwriting which I’m very excited about.

8.  Tell us something not many people know about you guys?  Whats the highest and lowest point for you guys professionally in building these collective s and events?

K: Not many people know that we are actually time travelers.  We talk about it all the time, but people just think we’re joking.

The high points are when a really cool project exceeds your expectations.  The low points, well sometimes things…happen. The trick is to get better at sorting them out.


9.   Will we see a FUTURE party in Austin or Houston at some point, or SXSW/ACL/FunFunFun Fest matched with some big headliners and artists works?

K: Very possible

C: Haha, yes, there have been talks about FUTURE shows in a few different cities (including outside of Texas) and some preliminary steps have been taken. Time, of course, is the always key.


10.  Whats one thing you want people to come to one of your parties and take away from it?

C: A real important goal for me personally is to give people a brand new experience. Something they haven’t seen before plus something they haven’t heard before. That and a fun party.

K: I would love if we helped spark a new creative idea or point of view for someone.  It’s also awesome if people just have a good time.


11.   If you have any advice for young entrepreneurs that see what you are doing and hope to achieve the same success one day what would it be?

K: Don’t be afraid to try something different.

C: Absolutely. We live in a culture that’s always trying to copy success. Be inspired, be original. Push forward into the FUTURE. 🙂

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(Photos by Dustin Hollywood)