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Model turned fashion photographer, Bex Griffin, recently sent us this amazing editorial featuring models Vivian Villa & Tatiana from Paragon that is absolutely stunning! Originally from Los Angeles but living between Tulum and Mexico City, Griffin has taken her knowledge of modeling and applied it brilliantly to you her photography – it doesn’t hurt to have a little inside info on what you are doing, and it seems composition, light, and her eye for the dramatic all come naturally! Along with stylists Blanche Oh and Paz, she teamed up with Mexican designers Wicca and HUA Lingerie to create this striking editorial. Shot at a new local bar named Baltra in Condesa, DF, in Mexico City (which we recommend) you can tell they had their run of things and made it all look sexy as hell too!  Enjoy!

See more of Bex Griffin’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

Photography + MUA + Art Direction: Bex Griffin
Models: Vivian Villa + Tatiana @ Paragon
Styling: Blanche Oh + Paz
Location: Baltra, Mexico City
Wardrobe: HUA Lingerie, Wicca, Espiritu, Kontraho

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