Twenty year old self-taught photographer Reuel Lara has only been shooting for roughly about two months, but there is no way in hell you would be able to tell that by her work! The young artist has a stripped down, very subtle and clean direction to her photographs, not to mention she hits the underlying artistic youth culture and creative view most companies are looking for today dead on! When we look at her work names like Petra Collins, Ryan McGinley, Anna ballins, Harley Weir, Arvida Bystrom and more come to mind. Some people have an eye instantly for what they love, some people have to develop it, and one thing is clear Reuel Lara has an eye for what she loves and the stories she wants to tell with her work. In this exclusive editorial only on Nakid Lara tells the story titled ‘Reminisce‘ and it deals with a lover longing for her “Summer Fling“, hoping that she’ll make something out of the Summer by finding “The One“. Model and friend Aunnie Turner is the lover in this story and in real life as they take you through each scene of this dramatic lost love story.
See more of Reuel Lara’s work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM
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