London based film photographer Megan Eagles is avant-grade, pushes limits, and is always pulling you farther into her world through the shear genius of her work. Specializing specifically in nude and erotic photography she captures the feminine beauty of her subjects so perfectly that you can spend hours roaming through her photos and at the end feel like you just witnessed something truly inspiring. From London hotel rooms and bedroom sheets to California highways and desert escapes she captures the essence of being young, free, and comfortable in your own skin – what living without boundaries truly means and there is no limit to the story she is telling through her photographs. She recently found Nakid and felt compelled to send us one of her new editorials exclusively for our readers and we were not only excited to showcase her work but honored she wanted us to share it with you!  She tends to shoot friends instead of models, never photoshop’s her subjects and is in love with tan lines, body hair, and the presentation of female sexuality in its most intimate and real form from her own female gaze. A glimpse into her world is like a glimpse into another reality where there are no rules, and everything is inspired by a powerful female grasp of self-identity. This story was shot in Ibiza and is a homage to early Playboy and Penthouse – 1970’s softcore, when bushes reigned and babes were au-natural. You should also check out her Zine shot from 2012-2014 in Los Angeles and England on her site which is sure to be, yet again, as badass as she is – you better hurry to there were only 50 printed and only a few left!

See more of Megan Eagles work here:  WEBSITE / INSTAGRAM

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