It’s tough to find the perfect mix of macabre and chic in interior design, but geodes carved into skulls take the cake. Skullis is the largest retailer of hand carved geode skulls, offering everything from fifty to ten thousand dollars, as well as custom designs. Using a wide variety of materials, the skulls can be either human or animal, made up of almost any mineral you can imagine. From hyperrealistic to unfinished and rough, these multicolor decorations are perfect for your next sci-fi Hamlet performance, satire Jay-Z music video, or bookshelf.Black-Obsidian-Crystal-Skull-04Malachite-Crystal-Skull-01Desert-ROSE-01Siderite-Crystal-Skull-01Agate-Crystal-Screaming-Skull-08Ocean-Jasper-Crystal-Skull-01Fluorite-Crystal-Skull-04Larimar-Crystal-Skull-02Amethyst-Crystal-Skull-02Moonstone-Crystal-Skull-02Agate-Crystal-Skull-05Blue-&-Gold-Tiger-Eye-Crystal-Skull-01

Images courtesy of Skullis

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