Shimurabros X-ray train
Shimurabros X-ray train

The artist duo, Shimurabros, are expanding the conventions of perception and physical space with their art.  Yuka and Kentaro Shimura are a brother and sister artistic force originating from Japan.  Their art has a cinematic foundation with media arts as well.  They are currently working out of the Studio Olafur Eliasson, which is the home to artist Olafur Eliasson and is located in Germany.  Shimurabros’ X-Ray train challenges the theory that a moving image taken by a camera exists only in two dimensions.  The artists physically extend film beyond two dimensions and into three dimensions by projecting a moving image onto multiple hanging films.  The audience can move around and the view the moving x-ray images in three dimensional space.  Shimurbros’ X-Ray train is a nod to the Lumiere brothers short film, Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat, from 1895.  There is an urban legend surrounding the Lumiere brother’s short film as it is believed that during the first showing of the film many of the audience members ran out of fear thinking an actual train was pulling in and may hit them.   The Lumiere brothers tried to create and achieve three dimensional imaging with this short film and this was at the time prior to motion pictures.  The Shimurabros have created a three dimensional moving train and they accomplished the goal by utilizing modern technology. X-ray images, captured with a CT scanner, show all of the dimensions of the train and the x-ray/ ct images are projected on to special liquid crystal film. But while the light flashes on the film, an interesting thought is what is in the space between the screens…

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CT images of train

Photos Courtesy of (A4CACShimurabros)